Ashley Schouwenaar

Heliport Logistics Administrator

Hi, my name is Ashley Schouwenaar. I started working for DHSS at Den Helder Airport at October 2010. It started as a part-time job, but now I work here for 5 years already and still with much pleasure.
We book all cargo for oil companies such as Shell, GDF/Engie, Wintershall, Total, Dana Petroleum, and Petrogas. In addition, we also arrange Customs export/import documents for all outgoing and incoming freight and we arrange hotels and taxi’s if we do not fly because of bad weather conditions. For our adhoc clients, we are also the organizer and executive team with regards to helicopter crew changes.
It is varied work because every day is different here. You meet and talk with different people and helicopter passengers every day, and assist them the best as possible. Friendliness, service and professionalism are essential here and that is where our heliport team stands for.
On behalf of DHSS I worked for half a year at the aviation flight scheduling office of Wintershall. There I had to make flight schedules and flight routes and book people on specific flights. Also we called the sub-contractors to inform them on check in times for their crew and informing them about cargo procedures, handled by DHSS, to get possible cargo to Wintershall offshore locations smoothly.
I also worked half a year at our Logistics Hub together with my colleague Dennie Koningstein. I have been part of further implementation of our warehouse management system.
The work I do here at the heliport is versatile and it’s never boring, With a great team at the heliport it is always nice to go to work, where our office is open 7 days a week. Since DHSS is challenging the norm in our Industry, our company is the first provider at Den Helder Airport, which has received certification as Accredited Air Cargo agent, issued by Dutch Immigration, when it gets to secured cargo.

My name is Ashley Schouwenaar, I am Dedicated | I am Helpful | I am Service | I am Security

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