Rorie Stulen

Heliport Logistics Administrator

Hello, I am Rorie Stulen,
I started working for DHSS in November 2014. Previously I worked for CHC Helicopters as ramp handler. That was a good step to the duties as heliport officer. As a Heliport Officer I am responsible for the freight from our clients that need to go offshore to various platforms or vessels. My main task is to take care of the in and out going helifreight. All the freight that is transported to the oil- and gas platforms leaves the European Union. Therefore, a big part of our activities consist of issuing Customs export and re-import papers and manifests.
Each piece of freight is undergoing a visual check according the International Air Transportation Association regulations (IATA). I am IATA certified and also trained as air freight security controller.
When helicopter flights are delayed as of weather problems, for example fog and icing that occure, we as ground handlers, arrange that your crew is taken care of, by booking hotels & taxi’s for the passengers to and from the hotel and inform them about new check-in timings. Within the professional culture that exists in the company, we strive to serve our customers in the most efficient way possible.

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