Helicopter Services

Getting to work by helicopter is of great importance in our Offshore Energy Industry. To get this planned and arranged, our DHSS Aviation team at plans and coordinates helicopter crew changes from A to Z, we deliver the full package for Offshore helicopter flights:

  • Helicopter chartering
  • Dispatching
  • Issue of helicopter flight lists
  • Helicopter freight handling, including dangerous goods
  • Customs documentation
  • Immigration clearance, including Schengen transit visa arrangements
  • Taxi transfers for on & off signers from/to International Airport Amsterdam or hotel
  • Hotel bookings for your crew where needed

From our locations at Den Helder Airport and our support base in Eemshaven, helicopter ground handling services, such as dispatch and helicopter freight handling is in well experienced hands at DHSS for smooth and cost effective helicopter operations.

DHSS is covered by the Directorate-General of the Civil Aviation Authority with certification for dangerous goods, including radio-active materials as well as freight forwarder, cargo agent and cargo ground handler.

DHSS is registered in the European database as accredited air cargo agent, under ID number NL/RA/00560-00/1220.