Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Offshore Energy starts here

For decades we are involved in supporting the oil & gas industry with exploring offshore energy, which all starts with mapping the seabed through seismic surveys.

It takes a special kind of operator to work offshore – and a special kind of service provider to assist. Drilling, laying pipes, delivering essential personnel and materials are core requirements for successful work offshore, whether it is in construction, oil & gas or project logistics. DHSS has the experience, expertise and strength to meet any offshore support requirements.

With our in-depth expertise and history of working in the oil & gas industry, in all segments, we understand the needs of today’s clients. While you focus on most efficient utilization and productivity of your offshore assets, our priority is to deliver superior services, in most cost effective way. All of our marine support operations are fully compliant with international safety standards.

We are a reliable partner which delivers high quality logistics and supply chain solutions to operators in the oil & gas industry. Whether you are engaged in offshore exploration, construction or production, you can lean on us to support your operations safely and efficiently – 24/7.