DHSS will achieve carbon footprint performance certification

19 December 2022

DHSS will achieve carbon footprint performance certification

DHSS is committed to reducing CO2 emissions in all its business processes. The insights gained can be used to consider what improvements are possible to reduce DHSS’s environmental impact (also known as a company’s Carbon Footprint).

In accordance with the Dutch carbon footprint performance ladder our company is currently finalizing the process of obtaining the certification.

We are using the CO2 performance ladder of the SKAO foundation www.skao.nl as an instrument for our inventory and certification in order to comply with EED legislation. DHSS has opted to be certified for level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder. Sustainability and the environment are central to our corporate philosophy and all DHSS business activities. For example, our energy management program, with targets for CO2 reduction, is an important element in the field of sustainability. Our ambition for sustainable business operations fits in well with the CO2 performance ladder. The CO2 performance ladder encourages DHSS to reduce its own CO2 emissions.

The CO2 performance ladder has four angles for our company, divided over level one to five.

  • Insight
  • CO2 reduction
  • Transparency
  • Participation


DHSS is proud to obtain the CO2 performance ladder certificate at level 3 early 2023. By obtaining the certificate we are able to show that our company is actively involved in reducing its carbon-footprint.


Our objective regarding CO2 reduction

DHSS wants to emit 40% less CO2 in 2026 compared to 2021. (This objective is related to the turnover achieved and the number of FTEs)

Download CO2 communication letter DHSS (PDF, in Dutch)