Helicopter Operations

Helicopter Operations

Getting to work by helicopter is of great importance in the Offshore Energy Industry. DHSS lifts your crew safe and efficient.

Our aviation experts with years of operational experience onshore and offshore, are planning and coordinating helicopter flights from A to Z for you. We deliver the full package for offshore helicopter flights in Europe. Our control tower for aviation services guarantees that your crew and cargo will arrive at your offshore asset in time, safe and efficiently.  


Our strong safety culture is based on a commitment to doing no harm to people, property or the environment. Our commitment is supported by a safety infrastructure that is second to none and spans every aspect of our business. DHSS is covered by the Directorate-General of the Civil Aviation Authority with the highest IATA certification Cat E+ for dangerous goods, including radio-active materials as freight forwarder, cargo agent and cargo ground handler.  
Accredited Air Cargo Agent
DHSS is registered in the European database as accredited air cargo agent, under ID number NL/RA/00560-00/1220.


With the aim of maximum utilization of each helicopter flight to and from offshore installations and wind farm turbines, DHSS is using it’s shared flight concept wherever possible. This concept is a great success, gained in cooperation with our Offshore Wind clients. It results in reduced number of flights, minimizing the environmental impact and a cost reducing evidence for operators. At DHSS we go beyond and take our shared concept further, by combining Oil & Gas related passengers with Offshore Wind technicians. Our aviation services include:
  • Helicopter chartering
  • Helicopter flight planning
  • Helicopter sharing
  • Control Tower helicopter operations
  • Client representative
  • Dispatch services
  • Maintaining Vantage POB manifesting system
  • Certification validation checks
  • Survival suits & Heli Hoisting PPE
  • Freight handling, including dangerous goods
  • Inspection of all cargo on I.A.T.A. regulations, incl DG
  • Dangerous Goods packing
  • Dangerous Goods collection at offshore assets (certified)
  • Mail and news paper handling
  • Freight forwarding
  • Customs import and export documentation
  • Coordination of passenger taxi transfers to hotel /airport
  • Hotel arrangements for passengers
  • Schengen Transit visa arrangements (off signers)

With our commitment in offshore helicopter operations combined with our expertise of vessel agency services, we give you peace of mind during your projects offshore.