Vessel Agency

Vessel Agency

Vessel Agency services requires a substantial amount of technical and nautical knowhow and versatile experience, especially when it comes to offshore project related vessels.

Whether working for survey companies, cable-laying contractors, offshore construction operators, oil companies or wind farm operators, DHSS has the experience and expertise to be the gateway between onshore and offshore. We deliver high-quality support services to the offshore energy industry.

Our vessel agency teams in each port, are working closely with our customers, providing maximum safety, operating- and cost efficiency. Available 24/7 with a qualified and well experienced team for both Offshore Wind and Oil and Gas Industry.

Over the years DHSS has established an excellent working relationship with port authorities as well with nautical service providers and local supply chain. Our people make sure that your vessel and its crew is well taken care of.

With our facilities, situated on ‘walk to work’ distance away, at the same ISPS berth where your vessel is alongside, you can trust DHSS is on the job, giving full attention to its clients.

When working with DHSS, owners and charterers can count on a team of skilled and seasoned operators and boarding clerks.


DHSS Agency, giving you peace of mind

As a vessel & shipping agency, with a demonstrated history of working in Offshore Energy Industry, we understand the demanding needs of today’s customers. Among others, you can count on our following support:

  • Accurate PFDA’s
  • Clear and prompt communication
  • Efficient port call planning
  • Customs clearance of vessel and cargo
  • Immigration handling, including Schengen visa
  • Husbandry services
  • Safe cargo movements
  • Freight forwarding
  • Strong local network
  • Crew transfers
  • Hotel arrangements

As well as the understanding of today’s customer needs, support from DHSS provides additional benefits, like:

  • Quick turnarounds
  • One single point of contact
  • ‘Your local facility’ situated at ‘walk to work’ distance