Account management

Account management

Going above and beyond the call of duty, is our success

Our account management is engaged in a variety of tasks with an excellent sense of satisfying our client with a wide range of services,  executed by driven people, with  in-depth know how of the demanding needs of today’s clients.

Execution of a smooth handoff from our sales department to our account management team is highly important to make sure that every (new) client belongs to someone in our company, By minimum, our clients are being tracked in a methodical way and, optimally, being proactively and strategically advised and engaged.

Engagement in a variety of tasks, including account ownership, project management, coordination, strategic planning, relationship management, leadership and innovative development of opportunities is the key to satisfy our clients through our account management.

We uncover all the opportunities we can to help our clients to be more successful—and so enrich our relationship. Our ultimate goal is to grow with the customer, not away.


With the extensive industry experience of our staff we demonstrate that we are in it for the long haul, and value our business.

The experience and knowledge our staff has acquired led to the building of a trustful name in the industry and the expansion of our operations. Over the years, DHSS has grown to become the company it is today. We are successful in executing our assistance during client projects and herewith we strengthen our reputation.

A strong reputation in project delivery, combined with all of us ‘living’ our values, means that we can achieve any goal.

We keep the partnership going by continuing to stay up on  client’s issues, understanding how you make use of our service range , resolving possible problems along the way, deepening the relationship and bringing fresh ideas to the table.

It is our long-term ambition to maintain our position in the changing world of Oil & Gas into the transition of Renewable Energy.

DHSS is built on the belief that we challenge the norm through our five value propositions


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As a family company, we pay high attention on behavior of our people, hence why we invest in their training and developments...

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Compliance & Quality Programs

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Account Management

Going above and beyond the call of duty, is our success. With the extensive industry experience...

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