Gerwin Dobma

Operations Manager

I started working at DHSS May 2002 at our Heliport Office where we carry out ground handling services, like crew changes and helicopter freight activities for several oil companies and other O&G clients. At that moment DHSS had 3 employees.
After a couple of years, in 2007, I was asked to work at our head office in port, to become part of our Operations Team with relation to port calls of vessels served by DHSS. Since that time a lot of challenges have come along and I am more than happy to see DHSS growing in customers and employees.
In 2014 we opened up our logistics hub with 4500m2 inside storage and 5500m2 outside storage. This was the time to make a hugh step forward with DHSS, and we managed - With a loyal team.
The atmosphere created by management is great and our team, located at 3 different offices, spreads this, by taking full responsibility and act trustworthy to all the persons we work with. Treat the client like you would like to be treated is highly established in DHSS.
My responsibilities with DHSS is to make sure our daily operations, at all 3 locations are running like clockwork. Every day is different and that is what I like at the job. Even though it is no 9 to 5 job, I go to work with a smile, and get back home with it – same as we always focus on departures of our client vessels, satisfied and with a smile, as DHSS did the job more than well. It is one of my tasks as Internal Auditor to make sure all processes will run as smooth operations and keep our standards high.
Hope to see you soon in one of the Dutch ports, as DHSS is operating in each port of Holland – We will be there, at your service.

I am Gerwin, I am Dedicated | I am Helpful | I am Support | I am Service

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